Living in the Environment
Living in the Environment

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Effective Ways to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Did you know that 89% of Aussies wish to live a more environmentally conscious life? However, they don’t want this to come at a higher price tag. Over the last decade, Aussies have started to make a conscious decision to monitor their impact on the environment, and Australian brands have supported this decision by introducing more sustainable products to help reduce their carbon footprint as well.

As part of this transition, many Aussies have found simple ways to live more environmentally friendly, such as reducing their consumption of meat and dairy products, switching to plant-based alternatives, and purchasing products that are either biodegradable or have less of a negative impact on the environment. Aussie brands are wanting to make the transition to sustainable living easier, by creating products that we know and love, but ensuring they have a ‘green’ component. Ensuring that their products won’t last on the planet longer than the person using it.

At Product of the Year, we love rewarding brands that are making great strides in the eco-category, so we’ve collated some of top environmentally friendly brands anyone can switch to today, in support of World Environment Day on Monday the 5th of June. All these products won the 2023 Product of The Year Awards, all voted for by Australian consumers, and can easily be found on your local grocery trip.

Tip 1 - Find Brands Offering Green Alternatives

As the population of our planet continues to grow, our need to watch was we consume. Choosing eco-friendly options will encourage the population to make the switch. School lunches can remain fresh with Multix Greener Plant-Based Cling Wrap . You will be able to reduce your impact on the environment because it is made with 50% plant-based material including sugarcane, a natural, renewable resource, reducing the carbon footprint of the product. It is also BPA free and sticks tight to food, so it can last all day in your child’s backpack.

(RRP $3.25 – Available from Woolworths)

Tip 2 - Source products that are 100% biodegradable

With over 8 million pieces of plastic makes their way into our oceans every day, it is important to ensure your impact on the environment isn’t going to hurt the Australian wildlife. Every parent knows that wipes are necessity in the house, yet they contribute to so much landfill every year. However, these CUB Biodegradable Fragrance-Free Baby Wipes are great for quick and easy change times or clean-ups on the go, to leave your cub's skin feeling clean and refreshed. You will feel reassured to know you’re helping to a better future for your child with these biodegradable wipes.

(RRP $2.40 Available from Coles)

Tip 3 – Find plant-based alternatives to reduce meat consumption

 57% of global greenhouse gas emissions from food production are coming from meat and dairy products. In comparison to 29% of food-related global greenhouse gas emissions come from plant-based foods. With this in mind, we would recommend making the change and trying Plant Based Greek Lamb Style Strips, which are high in protein and crafted using the highest quality ingredients.

You can enjoy a serving of cooked Birds Eye Plant Based Greek Lamb Style Strips, charred red capsicum and sliced red onion on warm souvlaki bread spread with tzatziki.

(RRP $6.50 Available from Coles) 

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